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Welcome to The Coach’s Vault

HGR lacrosse, together with the MBYLL, has recorded some of our favorite drills for high school and youth coaches to access completely free of charge.

Each video starts off with a whiteboard talk that includes the set up of the drill, points of emphasis and how to run the drill.  We then take you out onto the field for a live demonstration of the drill.

Drills will range from individual skill development to team concepts, on both sides of the ball, for settled and transition play. Look for a new drill every week.

We hope you enjoy and good luck in your upcoming season!

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Welcome to The Coach’s Vault! Enjoy a brief introduction to our new instructive video
collection of defensive and offensive drills.

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Offense Drills

Nascar is a great drill to work on defensive approaches and on ball defense, and to teach offensive players how to read approaches and work on their dodging.

Roll Reps is a drill to work on pick and rolls.

The LS Drill is a uneven situations drill that works on various uneven situations and scenarios. Players can get a lot of touches and a ton of reps with this drill.

Apache is a drill to help offensive players find the 2v1 and take advantage of odd-man situations, and to help defensive players defend odd-man situations.

Pistol is a 2v2 drill that works on dodging, reading approaches, finding space off ball, on ball D, sliding. It easily works on a variety of things in a short period of time.

Slide Recognition is a drill designed to get offensive players to read a defense and its movements, and find ways to take advantage of it.

Defense Drills

Slide and Release is defensive drill that helps team defense work on sliding, as well as recovering after a slide.

Burger is a defensive drill that works on defensive shape and support and getting a defense to work on its movement together.

GIPO is a defensive drill that works on getting in and playing out, moving as a unit, approaches, off ball play and communication. A simple drill that works on many defensive concepts.

Transition Drills

Clearing to 3v2 is a drill to work on ball handling, clearing, and transition situations all in one drill.

Cadet is a transition drill that works on all kinds of transition situations and controlling the chaos.

Slap the bucket is a great drill to teach offensive players to read a defense and find the 2v1. It also teaches defensive players to defend odd man situations and to recover into passing lanes.

Scramble is a simple and high rep 3v2 drill that teaches odd man situations for both offense and defense.

Sideways is a great drill to work on 3v2’s for both sides of the ball.  Defending 3v2 for the D and taking advantage of them for the O.

UVA is a fast paced, unven situations drill that works on attacking from behind the cage and from up top. UVA works on 3v2s, and also 4v3s.

Cannons is a transition drill that works various uneven transition situations, and does it in a way that gives the coach more control over the chaos.

Hoops is a high tempo continuous 3v2 drill.  It’s a great drill to get players moving, to be competitive, and get a ton of good reps at the same time!

Faceoff to Headman works on getting a lot of live face off reps in, as well as pushing transition situations and finding the odd man advantage.

Odd Man Get Arounds is a transition drill that works on scramble transition scenarios. It works on getting players to recognize and read transition situations. 

Stick Work – Passing and Receiving

Hammer Time is a high tempo shooting and stick handling drill.  Tons of reps, lots of fun.

PAPA is a great shooting and stick handling drill that incorporates passing, shooting, picks, and off ball movement in a high tempo drill.

3 Man Handle is a great game like stick skill drill that gets the players a lot reps in a short period of time.

Meatloaf is a full field passing drill.  It incorporates many game-like scenarios, gets a lot of players involved, and creates lots of reps.

Smith Shooting is a shooting drill that allows players to get a ton of reps in multiple shooting disciplines in a short period of time.

Yale Passing is a high rep stick handling drill great for players to get a lot of different kinds of touches.