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 HGR Elite Player Development Clinics
Summer 2017

Session 1 — REGISTER NOW!

Registration is open for our first Player Development Clinics of the summer. Session 1 begins June 26. Don’t miss out!

BOYS:  Session 1 clinics are for HGR Elite players only, except for the U-9 and U-13 clinics– open to the public. 

GIRLS: High School Girls clinics are for HGR Elite players only; Youth girls clinics are open to the public.

Clinics will be twice a week for 3 weeks. Either Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday.

  • Clinics will be position specific. O and D will be separate for the first half of each clinic, and then brought together for live drills for the second half.
  • Goalies have their own separate clinic as well as they can sign up for the live rep spots in the group clinics. There are different sign up locations for each.
  • Price: $185  (Goalie spots in group clinic = $60)

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Session 1 Clinic Schedule

Watch HGR’s Development Clinic video and learn more about our advanced skills program.

Our player development clinics are designed to improve a player’s individual skills sets and lacrosse IQ at a rapid rate. Players will be grouped by like ability, age and positions to ensure their rate of progression is maximized. At team practices the focus has to be on team systems: 6v6 offense and defense, rides and clears, man up and man down. By the nature of these practices the individual’s fundamentals cannot be addressed in the detail required to produce big gains in their skill sets. These clinics will do just that. We will focus on everything from shooting form to reading a slide package for offensive players, approach angles to how and when to throw stick checks for defensive players and pipe positioning to footwork for goalies.

Clinic Highlights

Our lacrosse Player Development clinics are run by our top-notch coaches and will not only improve your skill set but will grow your lacrosse IQ. The Clinics will include:


  • Six (Session 3) 90-minute sessions
  • position-specific training
  • shooting mechanics
  • dodging
  • off-ball play
  • 2 man game
  • stick handling and positioning
  • footwork
  • approach angles
  • how and when to throw checks
  • slide form


Location: Home Grown Indoor Sports.
400 Osgood Street, North Andover MA 01845