HGR offers top notch leagues, elite teams, private training, recruiting guidance and camps for lacrosse players of all ages and skill levels in Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

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HGR Youth Lacrosse Camp Ends on Wet, Funny Note

Beating the Summer Heat! HGR Lacrosse Champ Camp Kids Know How to Cool Off! Brain Fart? It’s hard to hear under all this plastic and padding! You’d think Braveheart sounded an awful lot like brain…

HGR watermelon practice
Toughest Watermelon Ever!
Time and Room Shooting video
Instructional-Time and Room Shooting
Elite Team in Action – HGR All Access Video

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Get Ready for a Brand New Season

The talent at our Elite Team tryouts on August 24 proved that once again, HGR Lacrosse will have an amazing Fall season! Practices start on September 19, and will continue through our tournament season. Find…

Get your head back in the game!
HGR Summer Lacrosse Camp Videos
HGR Youth Lacrosse Camp Ends on Wet, Funny Note
HGR Dominates 2014 Spring Awards
HGR Dominates 2014 Spring Awards